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Foreign trade deficit supports U.S. bond prices …

During Q3 2004 the excess of U.S. imports over exports (the “trade deficit”) delivered a net $616.7 billion (annual rate) to the Rest of the World that, in turn, used $370.9 billion of these funds to buy U.S. Corporate Bonds, mainly $390.3 billion in bonds issued on Asset Backed Securities. Issuers of Asset Backed Securities, in […]

Corporate buybacks hit record levels in Q3 2004 …

Stock buybacks by U.S. Nonfarm Nonfinancial Corporations reached an annual level of $208.8 billion in Q3 2004, 76.6% higher than the frantic pace of buybacks at the peak of the Great Bubble in 2000. The level of buybacks was 3.3 times corporate profits after taxes and dividends — an indication of how anxious corporate executives […]

Securitization of social security: Good news for Baby Boomers?

Proposed measures for reforming the American social security system call for allowing workers to invest a portion of their payroll FICA contributions in individually owned and directed personal retirement accounts. This would amount to the partial securitization of social security taxes and could channel a significant volume of new funds into the U.S. securities markets. […]

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