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Harvard Business Review Condemns Buybacks (Almost)

I   make a habit of reading the Harvard Business Review to check on the current degree of moral ambiguity being washed into the brains of future business leaders at America’s leading MBA factory. The September 2006 issue of the Harvard Business Review featured a lead article, “Ten Ways to Create Shareholder Value”, by Alfred Rappaport, […]

Do Common Stocks Still Offer Protection Against Inflation?

There seems to be no doubt that, in general, a managed, diversified portfolio of US common stocks has provided investors with ample protection against inflation over the last half century. There is, however, a question as to whether a similar level of inflation-protection through common stocks will continue to be available over the next fifty […]

Does ‘SEC Total Return’ Help or Hurt Investors?

Millions of investors put money for retirement into mutual funds selected on the basis of “SEC total returns” and the name of the fund. For example, many investors are likely to chose “XYZ Long-Term Nest Egg Fund” with SEC 10-year total returns of 8%, over “ABC Fund” with total returns of 5% in the […]

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