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Crowdsourcing investment research: Capital Market Taxonomy

In this article, I continue the discussion of the crowdsourcing of investment research. See: Crowdsourcing investment research: opportunities in OSINT and Free information and the Efficient Market Hypothesis […]

The Lincoln Bible and the 2nd Horseman of the Investment Apocalypse

It is not so much interest rates that drive the flow of funds as the exogenous forces of war, leadership, demographics, economic theory, and technology. […]

Reforming the SEC and restoring investor confidence

The reputation of the US Securities Exchange Commission as the defender of investors’ interests was severely damaged in the Crash of 2008. First, there was the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme where the SEC completely dropped the ball. Then there was the safe harbor granted by SEC Rule 10b-18 to corporate stock manipulators in the buyback scheme […]

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