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Rest of world flees US private debt in Q2 2009

According to Federal Reserve Flow of Fund tables for Q2 2009 (F.107 Rest of the World), non-US residents are moving out of US private debt instruments, favoring US Treasuries despite record-low interest rates. The “flight to safety” which started with the Crash of 2009 has accelerated as the economic policies of the Obama administration are […]

Obama fiscal deficit soars six-fold … dollar plunges!

Just in case someone might have missed the news … the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds accounts for Q2 2009, places the US fiscal deficit (annual basis) at $1,294.9 billion. (Table F.106 Federal Government, line 17, Net Federal Government Saving NIPA basis) This “Obama Deficit” is about six times the fiscal deficit for the year […]

Falling dollars and falling US exports: Q2 2009

According to the Federal Reserve flow of funds accounts (Release Z.1), the long-term rise in US exports was reversed decisively in the first half of 2009. The following graph shows the dollar export trend in the context of rising and falling values of the US dollar versus currencies of major US trading partners. […]

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