F116. Property and Casualty Insurance Companies

Federal Reserve definition for F116 flow of funds table

The 'other insurance companies' sector encompasses all companies licensed to write property and casualty insurance policies in the U.S.

These firms provide many types of insurance, such as fire, group, and other accident and health, homeowners, medical malpractice, workers' compensation, automobile liability and physical damage, aircraft, reinsurance, burglary and theft, earthquake, credit, mortgage guaranty, and international.

The major assets of the companies that make up the sector are fixed-income securities and equities, but they hold several other kinds of assets and have historically been among the larger holders of municipal securities.

The companies' primary liability is amounts payable to policyholders who have filed claims for damages.

Their other liabilities include taxes payable and direct investment by foreign parent companies; they also obtain funding from equity issuance.

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