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Analyses Sample Analysis: Equities
Sample Analysis: Bonds
Sample Analysis: Residential Property
Essays Workers' Capitalism The World Turned Upside Down
Capitalism Evolves
FDR and Workers' Capitalism
Migrant Mother
Corporate Governance Corporate Motivation
Corporate Governance
The Primary Stakeholder
MBAs and Ethics
The Agency Problem
Buybacks and Stock Options Stock Buybacks: A Fable
The Great Misleading
The Boeing Buyback
Investment Theory Fallacies of the Nobel Gods
Uncontrollable Risk
The Value of Dividends
The Hidden Shortage
Mr. Clendenin's Suggestion
The Three Faces of Value
Globalization Globalization and Capital Flows
Terror and Capital Markets
Doubtful Statistics The Truth about the GDP
Productivity Flim-Flam
Fiddling the CPI
Population and Profits

CFA in a Nutshell

Capital Flow Analysis in a Nutshell

CFA The Big Picture

The Big Picture

CFA Basics Training Module

The Basics

A Two-Player Securities Market
The Motivation Axiom
The Multi-Player Market
Knowing What Questions To Ask
Reasonable Price
The Irrationality Axiom
The Non-Efficient Market
Finding Other Motivation
Presumed Dominance
History and Sociology

CFA Themes Training Module


The Common Stock Legend
The Role of Demographics
Demographics: Patterns of Saving
Demographics: Rich and Poor
Demographics: Occupations
Demographics: Old and Young
The Asset-Lite Movement
The Baby Boomers
Buybacks and Options
Workers' Capitalism
Democracy's Snare
The End of the Great Age
The Almighty Dollar
The Five Horsemen

CFA Step by Step

Step by Step

Reading Flow Sheets
Are Prices Reasonable?
Big Player Flows
Explaining Flows
Seeking Motives
Spotting Weakness
Flows in Context
Watch the Horsemen!
Asset Allocation
Case: Brazilian Equities: 1971
Case: U.S. Equities: 2000

CFA Tables

Reading The Tables

CFA Values Training Module


Yield-Based Valuation
Earnings-Based Valuation
Discounted Cash Flow
Scarcity of Supply
Links War See also: Research sources and links in Players and Instruments.
New Leaders
New Technology
New Economic Theory


Individual Investors Households & Nonprofits [Def.] F100 Flow Table
Research Sources on Individual Investors
Foreign Investors Rest of the World   [Def.] F107 Flow Table
Research Sources on Foreign Investors
Corporate Managers Nonfinancial Business [Def.] F101 Flow Table
Corporate Business [Def.] F102 Flow Table
Research Sources on Corporate Managers
Bankers & Brokers Commercial Banking [Def.] F109 Flow Table
Savings Institutions [Def.] F114 Flow Table
Asset Backed Securities [Def.] F126 Flow Table
Securities Brokers & Dealers [Def.] F130 Flow Table
Research Sources on Bankers & Brokers
Insurance Executives Life Insurance Companies [Def.] F117 Table
Property & Casualty Insurance Companies [Def.] F116 Table
Research Sources on Insurance Executives
Fund Managers
Private Pension Funds [Def.] F118 Table
SL Gov't Retirement Funds [Def.] F119 Table
Federal Retirement Fund [Def.] F120 Table
Money Market Funds [Def.] F121 Table
Mutual Funds [Def.] F122 Table
ETF and Closed-End Funds [Def.] F123 Table
REITs [Def.] F128 Table
Research Sources on Fund Managers
Government Officials State & Local Government [Def.] F105 Table
Federal Government [Def.] F106 Table
Gov't Sponsored Enterprise [Def.] F124 Table
Research Sources on Government Officials


Agency Securities & Mortgages Agency Securities [Def.] F210 Table
Total Mortgages [Def.] F217 Table
Research Sources on Agency Securities & Mortgages
Corporate Bonds Corporate & Foreign Bonds [Def.] F212 Table
Research Sources on Corporate Bonds
Fund Shares Money Market Fund Shares [Def.] F206 Table
Mutual Fund Shares [Def.] F214 Table
Research Sources on Fund Shares
Equities Corporate Equities [Def.] F213 Table
Research Sources on Corporate Equities
Treasuries & Open Market Securities Open Market Paper [Def.] F208 Table
Treasury Securities [Def.] F209 Table
Research Sources on Treasuries & Open Market Paper
Municipal Securities & Loans Municipal Securities & Loans [Def.] F211 Table
Research Sources on Municipal Securities & Loans
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