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General links

World Trade Organization star
U.S. Dept. of Treasury: Foreign Portfolio Investment Benchmark Surveys star
Cato Institute: Causes and Consequences of the Trade Deficit
St Louis Fed: The U.S. Trade Deficit and the 'New Economy' icon-pdf-1
Council on Foreign Relations: The U.S. Trade Deficit: A Dangerous Obsession
Using Disaggregated Data to Dissect the U.S. Trade Deficit
Grandfather Economic Report: Trade & International Debt
Warren Buffet: Trade Deficit is Selling the Nation Out From Under Us.
U.S. Trade Deficit: Causes, Magnitude, and Consequences
IMF on Globalization
Emory University Globalization Web Site
World Bank on Globalization
Globalization Guide
Global Policy Forum on Globalization
Athabasca University Globalization Site
Globalization: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
World Commission on Social Dimension of Globalization (ILO)
Economic Policy Institute: Trade and Globalization
Trilateral Commission: Globalization
Mt Holyoke: Links on Globalization
Foreign Policy in Focus: World Trade Organization
WTO Watch
University of Chicago: WTO Law
The IFLA Position on the WTO
IFLA Position on the World Trade Organization
The WTO History Project
The SDR: Reserve Currencies and International Monetary System
Euro Implications for U.S. Foreign Policy
IMF: International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity
The Empire of the Yen
World Gold Council
World Commodities and World Currency
U.S. Treasury Department: Legal Tender Status of U.S. Currency
EconWPA Paper: Will The Dollar Be Replaced?
J. Bradford Delong:   Anatomy of the Global Economy (monthly commentary)
Joseph Stiglitz: Unconventional Economic Wisdom (series of articles) icon-pdf-1
Lester C. Thurow: The Dollar's Day of Reckoning
FX Street: The Forex Market
Inflation-Free Pricing Rules for a Commodity-Reserve Currency
Currency Competition: Some Options Considered
Friedrich von Hayek: proponent of a 'commodity reserve currency'
Abstractions, Things, Wealth, and Deindustrialization
After Deindustrialization and Financial Collapseicon-pdf-1
Japan as a Technological Superpower
America's Dissident Voices: Free Trade and the Deindustrialization of America
RAND: High-Technology Manufacturing and American Competitiveness icon-pdf-1
Technology, Jobs, and Inequality: What Is The Connection?
Gold Digest: It's The Fiat Dollar, Stupid!
After Capitalism: Why Manufacturing Matters icon-pdf-1
The Cambridge-MIT Institute; Manufacturing Matters (Free Video Conference)
Princeton: Paying the Bill, Manufacturing and America's Trade Deficit icon-pdf-1
National Association of Manufacturers
IMF: Offshore Financial Centers
Palmer & Dodge: The Patriot Act: Compliance Issues for Mutual Funds
BEA: Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
Foreign Direct Investment in U.S. Critical Infrastructure
International Portfolio Investment Flows
U.S. Equity Investments in Foreign Markets: Portfolio Rebalancing or Returns Chasing?
Taxation of Foreign Person's U.S. Income
Council of Foreign Relations: Don't Panic: How Secure Is Globalization's Future?
Global Policy Forum: Cheapening the Dollar

Specific Links: Rest of the World

Survey of Current Business star
BEA:   Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. star
BEA:  Balance of Payments: International Transactions star
IMF:  Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey star
BEA:   International Economic Accounts star
Bank for International Settlements:  International Financial Statistics star
U.S. Department of the Treasury:  Treasury International Capital System star
U.S. Department of Treasury:   Exchange Stabilization Fund star
Web sites of World Stock, Options, and Futures Markets star
CNN Money: Indices of World Stock Markets star
Balance of Payment Statistics: 1965-1997
Heritage Foundation: Escaping the Vicious Cycle of Foreign Debt
GPF: Could Overseas Financing Hurt the U.S.?
CATO Institute:   How We Can Cut The Trade Deficit.
Understanding the U.S.-China Balance of Trade
World Bank: International Capital Flows
San Francisco Fed:  The Composition of International Capital Flows
Aging and International Capital Flows
Globalization, Capital Flows, and International Regulation
NY Fed:   The Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on U.S. Foreign Debt.
CSIS: Assessing Risks of Cyber-Terrorism, Cyber-War, & Similar Threats. icon-pdf-1
GPF:   Reimposing the Dollar Hegemony
Ludwig von Mises Institute:  Perils of the Dollar Standard
Foreign Affairs:  Hegemony or Empire? (Niall Ferguson)
FBI:  Offshore Financial Centers
Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.
Indonesia May Dump Dollar -- Rest of Asia Too?
From Petrodollars to Petroeuros -- Are the Dollar's Days as an International Reserve Currency Drawing to an End?
The Dollar's Day of Reckoning --- Lester C. Thurow


'Global Capital Flows: Should They Be Regulated?', Hardcover, Stephany Griffith-Jones

Forward by Nobel Laureate, James Tobin

'Capital Flows and Financial Crises', Paperback, Miles Kahler

A study of financial crises in Pacific-Asia, Latin American, and Eastern Europe during the 1990s.

International Financial Statistics (monthly)

Standard source of data on international finance and capital flows from the International Monetary Fund

'Whose Trade Organization? A Comprehensive Guide to the World Trade Organization', Paperback, Lori Wallach, Patrick Woodall, Ralph Nader

A Handbook for Activists.

'Unholy Trinity: The IMF, World Bank, and WTO', Paperback, Richard Peet

Professor Peet provides intellectual heft to the placards of anti-globalization protestors.

'The Political Economy of the World Trading System: From GATT to WTO', Paperback, Bernard Hoekman, Michael Kostecki

A full study of WTO and GATT.

'50 Years Is Enough: The Case Against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund', Paperback, Kevin Danaher

What people have been shouting about in Seattle and beyond.

'The Vandals' Crown: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World's Central Banks', Hardcover, Gregory J. Millman

How currency options and other derivatives threaten the international monetary system.

'An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets', Hardcover, UK London Reuters Ltd

A beginner's tutorial on forex and money markets.

'The Globalisation of Poverty: Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms', Paperback, Michael Chossudovsky

An economist's realistic view of mismanagement by the World Bank and the IMF.

'MITI and the Japanese Miracle: The Growth of Industrial Policy 1925-1975', Paperback, Chalmers A. Johnson

This books shows that 'industrial policy' can work

'The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays', Paperback, Ludwig von Mises, Gottfried Haberler, Friedrich A. Hayek, Richard M. Eberling.

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