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CalPERS: One of the world's largest public pension funds star
TIAA-CREF: Another giant pension fund. star
Association for Investment Management and Research star
The Investment Company Institute star
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation star
Closed-End Fund Association star
First Citizens Bank: Estate and Trust Management
UMB Bank: Trust Services
New York Life: Modern Portfolio Management Theory icon-pdf-1
Modern Portfolio Theory: A Nobel Prize Winning Approach
The Failures of Modern Portfolio Management icon-pdf-1
A Primer on Post-Modern Portfolio Theory
Markowitz says that Michaud has built a better mousetrap. icon-pdf-1
Behavioral Finance questions Modern Portfolio Theory
Journal of Financial Planning: Risk Tolerance, Investments versus Insurance.
Fifty Years of Portfolio Theory
Terrorism and Economic Turmoil; Risk Management and Covariance.
Automatic Investor and Modern Portfolio Theory
Valid Criticisms of Modern Portfolio Theory and the Efficient Market Hypothesis
A Useful Simplification of Modern Portfolio Theory
How Trustees Get Into Trouble
Pension Funds (Overview) icon-pdf-1
CalPERS Board Members: Government Bureaucrats and Union Leaders
Wall Street Week / Fortune: Fund Managers' Pay Remains Cloudy
Where are the Portfolio Manager's Yachts?
Average Portfolio Manager Salary
NY State Attorney General Calls for Wall Street Fund Managers to Reform
SEC regulation of funds and advisors
The Vanguard Group: one of the largest mutual fund families.
Fidelity Funds: another large family of mutual funds.
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
AIMR Chartered Financial Analysts Program
Mutual Funds and the Retirement Market icon-pdf-1
Asset Management and Retirement Funds icon-pdf-1
Fiduciary Responsibility in Light of U.S. Mutual Fund Industry Problems
National Association of Personal Financial Advisors
Wharton School: Mutual Fund Research
Institutional Investor Web Site
Brill's Mutual Funds Interactive
Quicken Mutual Fund Finder
Yahoo Finance: Mutual Fund Center
CBS Marketwatch: Mutual Funds
Forbes: Mutual Funds
MSN Money: Fund Research
Smart Money: Mutual Funds
ASPA: American Society of Pension Actuaries
American Academy of Actuaries
What is an Actuary?
Index Fund Advisors
Sharpe: Asset Allocation, Management Style, & Performance Measurement.
Judging Fund Managers by the Company They Keep.
Performance Measures for Dynamic Portfolio Management.
Business Times: Popular Performance Measures Do Not Indicate Skill
Business Report: New Concept Measures Asset Manager's Skill
Value at Risk as a Portfolio Performance Measure
Mutual Fund Tax Efficiency
U.S. Census Bureau: 1997 Economic Census
Tax Efficiency of Exchange Traded Funds
Professional Risk Models and Portfolio Analytics for Asset Managers

Specific Links: Bank Personal Trusts & Estates

FDIC: Trust Institutions Information star
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council star
FFIEC: 2000 Trust Assets of Financial Institutions (See Table A-2) star
FDIC: Trust Examination Manual
Trust and Asset Management Handbook icon-pdf-1
ABA National Trust School
Citigroup Private Bank: Trust & Fiduciary
TIAA-CREF: Trust Company
UBS Fiduciary Trust Company Portfolios: Performance Summary
U.S. Trust
Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA)
Certified Retirement Services Professional (CRSP)
Washington State Bar Association: Revocable Living Trusts
AARP: Living Trusts

Specific Links: Private Pension Funds

DOL: Consumer Pension Plan Information star
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation star
American Benefits Council star
Underfunding of Private Pension Plans star
Independent Consultants Cooperative
DOL / EBSA: Publications and Reports icon-pdf-1
Brookings Institution: Defined Benefits Pension Plans
Global Action on Aging: Private Pension Issues
On the Disparity between Private and Public Pensions
Corporate Governance and Pension Plans
Wharton School: Pension Research Council
ERISA in the United States Code
Private Pension Policies in Industrialized Countries icon-pdf-1
GAO: Private Pension Plans Face Short and Long-Term Challenges icon-pdf-1
Private and Other Pensions (International Comparisons) icon-pdf-1
ICI: The Expenses of Defined Benefit Pension Plans and Mutual Funds icon-pdf-1

Specific Links: State & Local Gov't Retirement Funds

U.S. Census Bureau: State & Local Government Retirement Systems star
Census Bureau: Finances of State & Local Government Retirement Systems star
AFSCME: AFL-CIO: Union of State & Local Government Employees star
State & Local Government Employees Coverage by Social Security & Medicarestar
National Association of State Budget Officers star
State and Local Government Retirement Survey star
National Council on Teachers' Retirement star
National Conference of Public Employee Retirement Systems star
National Association of State Retirement Administrators star
UCSD: Census of Governments, 1992: Finance Statistics
Urban Institute: Impact of Pension Funding on State Government Finances icon-pdf-1
Public Pension Funds in Japan icon-pdf-1
State and Local Government Fiscal Position in 1999 icon-pdf-1
SSRN Abstract Search: Employee Benefits, Compensation, & Pension Law
Pension Underfunding & Liberal Benefits of State & Local Governments icon-pdf-1
Grandfather Report: State & Local Government Spending
The Comparative Value of Pensions in the Public and Private Sectors
State & Local Government Retirement Programs: Alternatives to Social Security

Specific Links: Federal Gov't Retirement Funds

Federal Retirement Programs star
FERS: Federal Employees Retirement System star
NARFE: National Association of Retired Federal Employees star
Defense Finance and Accounting Service: Retired and Annuitant Pay star
Department of Veterans' Affairs star
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program star
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program star
Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program star
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board star
Railroad Retirement Board star
Social Security System star
Thrift Savings Plan for Federal Employees star
Federal Government Employment and Payroll Data star
Law: Federal Employees Retirement System star
Comparing Federal Employee Benefits with those in Private Sector star
Payment to the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund star
OPM: Retirement Eligibility Statistics (FERS) star
OPM: Retirement Eligibility Statistics (CSRS) star
Congressional Retirement Plan
Congressional Retirement: Too Generous?
President's Proposal to Accrue Retirement Costs for Federal Employees
Federal Reserve Board Retirement Portability Act
NARFE: Myths of Federal Retirement
Department of Defense: Military Retirement Trust Fund icon-pdf-1
The Excess Cost of Government Employment in the U.S.

Specific Links: Money Market Mutual Funds

ICI: Money Market Mutual Fund Assets (Monthly) star
NY Fed: The Money Supply star
Federal Reserve Statistical Release H.6: Money Stock Measure star
NY Fed: Money Market Mutual Fund Reports
Money Market Mutual Funds and Market Efficiency
Look beyond yield when buying money market funds
Yahoo: Money Market Funds Explained
Role of Credit Agencies in Portfolio Management of Money Market Funds icon-pdf-1
Money Market Funds in the S&L Crisis

Specific Links: Mutual Funds

Investment Company Institute: Mutual Fund Statistics star
Boston Fed: Monthly Mutual Fund Report star
Quicken Mutual Funds star
SEC: Mutual Fund Fees and Expenses star
SEC: Information Available to Investment Company Shareholders star
Investment Company Institute Profiles Mutual Fund Investors star
National Securities Clearing Corporation star
Morningstar: Mutual Fund Category Performance
Morningstar: Mutual Fund: Biggest Gainers
Morningstar: Mutual Fund: Biggest Losers
CBS Marketwatch: Mutual Funds
Smartmoney: Mutual Funds
Forbes: Fund Survey
Brill's Mutual Fund Terms
Fund Marketing Alert
Mutual Fund Shareholder Activity During U.S. Stock Market Cycles icon-pdf-1
Fund Shareholders: Characteristics, Knowledge, & Sources of Information icon-pdf-1
Bank of America: Mutual Fund Liquidity Trends icon-pdf-1
ICI: Mutual Fund Ownership and Shareholder Characteristics icon-pdf-1
Why Are Most Mutual Funds Open-End? icon-pdf-1

Specific Links: Closed-end & Exchange-Traded Funds

ICI: Closed-End Fund Statistics star
ICI: Exchange-Traded Fund Statistics star
Closed-End Fund Association star
Closed-End Fund Industry Statistics star
SEC: Closed-End Funds star
American Stock Exchange: Closed-End Funds star
CEF and ETF Web site star
NASDAQ: Compare the Performance of Exchange-Traded Funds star
SEC: Exchange-Traded Funds star
Yahoo: Exchange-Traded Funds Center star
Index Funds Web site (includes ETF) star
CBOE: Exchange-Traded Funds: Product Specifications star
Nuveen: Closed-End ETFs star
Smartmoney: Exchange-Traded Fund Center star
ETFs, Futures, and Options based on Russell Indexes star
Closed-End Fund Research Articles
Site-by-Site: Closed-End Funds Center
ICI: A Guide to Closed-End Funds icon-pdf-1
Princeton: A Positive Theory of Closed-End Funds as an Investment Vehicle icon-pdf-1
A Survey of Research Papers on Closed-End Fund Discounts
Wachovia: Leverage among Closed-End Funds icon-pdf-1
The Impact of Leverage on Closed-End Funds icon-pdf-1
Morningstar: Exchange Traded Funds
NYU Stern School: Pricing Exchange Traded Funds icon-pdf-1

Specific Links: Real Estate Investment Trusts

NAREIT: Research and Statistics on REITs star
NAREIT: Traded REITs Chart Book star
REITs 101
All About REITs
Chicago Fed: Points to Consider when Financing REITs icon-pdf-1
Brookings Institute: The Future Role of REITs in Real Estate Finance icon-pdf-1


'Investing in REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts', Hardcover, Ralph L. Block

A Practical look at REITs and how they work.

'Real Estate Investment Trusts: Structure, Analysis, and Strategy', Hardcover, Richard T. Garrigan, John F. C. Parsons

Comprehensive sourcebook on REITs, written by professionals.

'Investing in Closed-End Funds: Finding Value and Building Wealth', Textbook, Albert J. Fredman, George Cole Scott, Steven M. Cress

A definitive work on the arcane world of closed-end funds.

'Exchange Traded Funds and E-Mini Stock Index Futures' Hardcover, David Lerman

The advantages of two innovative trading instruments.

Morningstar Principio Pro Quarterly CD-ROMs on Closed-End Funds

Professional statistics on 400+ closed-end fund, operates in research and portfolio mode.

'Value Line Investment Survey' Subscription (weekly)
'Morningstar Principia', CD-ROM subscription

Professional tool for managing portfolios of mutual funds.

'The Mutual Fund Business: 2nd Edition', Paperback, Robert C. Pozen

An expert text on mutual funds for MBAs and serious students.

'Weiss Ratings' Guide to Bond and Money Market Mutual Funds', subscription.

Quarterly ratings and analysis on over 4,200 fixed income funds

'Virtual Money: Understanding the Power and Risks of Money's High-Speed Journey into Electronic Space', Hardcover, Elinor Harris Solomon

All about electronic money.

'Houdini and the Federal Budget Hoax: A Special Report to Reveal the Magic of Using Your Social Security Pension to Hide the Federal Deficit and Much More', Paperback, Jack E. Steineger

An expert gives a frank analysis of the U.S. Federal Budget.

'A History of Public Sector Pensions in the United States', Hardcover, Robert Louis Clark, Lee A. Craig, Jack W. Wilson.

Public pension schemes from colonial times until the 20th century.

'The State and Local Government Workers' Retirement Savings Guide', Paperback, Bruce S. Stuart

Practical advice for public employees

'Pensions in the Public Sector', Hardcover, Olivia S. Mitchell, Edwin S. Hustead, Wharton School Pension Research

An expert treatise on public pension funds.

'Journal of Pension Planning and Compliance', Magazine
'Managing Pension Plans: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Plan Performance', Hardcover, Dennis E. Logue, Jack S. Rader

Useful guide to how pension fund managers think.

'Trusts & Estates', Magazine
'Managing Family Trusts: Taking Control of Inherited Wealth', Hardcover, Robert A. Rikoon

The nuts and bolts of the personal trust business by a seasoned expert.

'Modern Investment Theory', Hardcover, Robert A. Haugen

Textbook covering portfolio theory, capital asset pricing, interest rates and bond management, and options and forward and futures.

'Modern Portfolio Theory and Investment Analysis', Hardcover, Edwin J. Elton, Martin J. Gruber, William M. Goetzmann

Analysis of individual securities as well as combining securities into efficient portfolios.

'The Paradox of Asset Pricing', Hardcover, Peter Bossaerts

A scholarly, useful, and logical attack on the flaws in modern asset pricing models.

'Does the Capital Asset Pricing Model Work?', e-book, David W. Mullins Jr.

This Harvard Business School Publication points out the strange assumptions behind the CAPM.

'Beating the Street', Paperback, Peter Lynch

An look into the mind of the manager of Magellan Fund that delivered top performance during the 1980s.

'Pension Fund Investment Management', Hardcover, Frank J. Fabozzi

Articles on pension fund management selected by an editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management

'The Journal of Portfolio Management', magazine, monthly

Research, theory and applications on portfolio management for investment professionals

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