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General links

91 million individuals hold mutual fund shares. star
U.S. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Statistics star
National Center for Education Statistics: Condition of Education star
American Civil Liberties Union:  Destroy America By Defending the Bill of Rights star
National Organization for Women: Defending Abortion and Homosexuality star
Sierra Club: Hug a Tree and Save a Whale for the Democratic Party star
Illegal Immigrants: Official Estimates star
Center for Immigration Studies: Current Numbers star
Chinese Astrology and the Stock Market
Hetty Green: The Witch of Wall Street: A Frugal Women's Museum
John 'Bet-a-Million' Gates, legendary speculator and financier
The R. N. Elliott Story
William D. Gann, stock speculator and believer in 'vibrations'.
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances: Frugality
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Benjamin Graham gave 10 lectures at the New York Institute of Finance.
Mutual fund shareholder behavior during periods of market volatility. icon-pdf-1
Retirement savings falling far short.
'On Living Too Long', Walter Savage Landor
Baby Boomers envision their retirement.
Retirement prospects of the Baby Boomers.
Baby Boomers face uncertainty as to retirement income.
Cato Institute: Social Security & Baby Boomers
America's Lifeline Online: Animation Sequences of Graphs
Longevity versus retirement age
Metropolitan Life: Baby Boomers in 2003 icon-pdf-1
Do Baby Boomers Save, and If So, For What?
Boomer's Time Bomb: Stocks for Retirement Has a Fatal Flaw
Baby Boomers Retirement Prospects: An Overview
The Impact of Social Security and Medicare on the Federal Budget
Tax Policy for Pensions and Other Retirement Savings
Age Dependent Portfolio Selection
When it comes to college funding, planners need to go back to school.
Goldman Sachs recommends against dividend-based investing. icon-pdf-1
Hedge Funds: What Do We Really Know?
One Reason For the Bull Market: Stocks Are More Scarce.
Common Stock Legend: Are Stocks the Best Long Term Investment?
TIAA-CREF Equity Managers: The Common Stock Legend is Alive and Well.
The Common Stock Legend: Stocks or Mutual Funds for Sally and Matt?
Wages up for well-off, but not for others.
Home ownership rates: U.S.
Household Debt Service and Financial Obligations Ratios
Investors wake up to hedge funds
Home Equity, Wealth, and Financial Assets of U.S. Households in 1995 icon-pdf-1
Heritage Foundation: The Effects of Broken Families on Future Prosperity
Divorce Online: Faster, Cheaper, and Lawyer-Free
Unmarried Mothers: A Bull Market
Divorce Rate Statistics
U.S. Census Bureau: Poverty
Policy Review Online: Home Alone America
Safety Guide for Latch Key Kids
Parents Without Partners: Facts About Single Parent Families
University of Delaware: Research Guide to Family Statistics
WSJ:  A Nation Divided?
Business Week:   Governing a Divided Nation
'A Nation Divided - The Role of Ideology in Contemporary American Politics'
The Harris Poll:   Looking Forward to 2020
The Rise of Relativism and the Decline of Virtue and Freedom in America
American Atheists:  Religion has nothing to do with ethics and morals.
CMRI:  Decline in Catholic Faith since Vatican II
Leadership U:  State Education and the Decline in Morality
NCPA:  Crime and Punishment in America: 1999
Ralph Nader: Nurturing Consumerism
The John Birch Society
Unmarried America: 'Cooking for One'
Journal of Social History: Why America Stopped Voting
The 80s Server: Children of the Eighties
CATO Institute: A National ID System: Big Brother's Solution to Illegal Immigration

Specific Links: Households and Non Profit Organizations

Survey of Current Business star
Survey of Consumer Finances star
Statistics on Income star
Monthly Statement of Public Debt star
Federal Reserve Board's Monthly Release G.19 Consumer Credit. star
University of Michigan Documents Center (Business and Industry) star
Livingston Survey of Economists Forecasts star
University of Michigan: Survey of Consumer Finances star
Research Institute for Housing America star
FRB Distribution of Wealth Analysis star
BLS Statistics on Wages, Earnings, and Benefits star
Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines star
Gateway to Statistics from over 100 Federal Agencies star
Housing and Household Economic Statistics star
A.M. Best Company Tabulations on Life Insurance (not free)
Sallie Mae (Student Loans)
Per Capita Personal Income
Consumer Price Index and Cost of Living Statistics
Distribution of Wealth 1989 - 1998  icon-pdf-1
Social Science Data on the Web (Stanford University)
Utilization of Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings
Data Base News in Aging (Look up on Census Bureau site)
Social Science Data (University of Miami)
401(k) Decisions and Social Security Reform
National Database of Nonprofit Organizations
Information on Income and Security in Old Age
Poverty Related Links
Individual Income Tax Rates and Tax Shares 2000  icon-pdf-1


'The Nation's Families: 1960-1990', Hardcover, George Masnick, Mary Jo Bane

Trends in household composition, family structure, and women's working patterns.

'Household Behavior, Equivalence Scales, Wealth and Poverty', Paperback, Camilo Dagum, Guido Ferrari

Quantitative analysis of household income distribution, welfare, poverty, cost of raising children, and taxation.

'Harvard Business Review on Nonprofits', Paperback, Harvard Business Review

Essays on work of modern nonprofit organizations

American Demographics

A broad look at trends in the U.S.  Each issue has one or two in-depth features, such as the distribution of wealth. (monthly)

'Excel Data Analysis: Your Visual Blueprint for Creating and Analyzing Data, Charts, and Pivot Tables', Paperback, Jinjer Simon

Quickly learn the more complicated Excel features of data analysis

'Demographics of Aging', Paperback, Linda G. Martin, Samuel H. Preston, Committee on Population, National Research Council

1992 report on aging populations.

'Children of the Great Depression', Paperback, Glen H. Elder Jr.

The first longitudinal study of a Depression cohort.

'Beyond Six Billion: Projecting the World's Population', Hardcover, John Bongaarts, Rodolfo A. Bulatao

Examines projections made by United Nations and other on world population growth.

'A Nation Divided: Diversity, Inequality, and Community in American Society', Paperback, Phyllis Moen, Donna Dempster-McClain, Harry A. Walker

A scholarly, fresh approach to important and controversial issues.

'Downsizing Democracy: How America Sidelined Its Citizens and Privatized Its Public', Hardcover, Matthew A. Crenson, Benjamin Ginsberg

A unsparing portrait of democratic decline in America by professors of John Hopkins University

'Public Policy Towards Pensions', Hardcover, Sylvester Schreiber, John Shoven

Public and private pensions control almost a quarter of the United States' tangible wealth--equivalent to all of the country's residential real estate.

'Social Security and Retirement around the World (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report), Hardcover, Jonathan Gruber, David A. Wise

Compare retirement incentives in 11 countries.

'NEA: Trojan Horse in American Education', Paperback, Samuel L. Blumenfeld

An invaluable history of the philosophy of government schools

'Twilight of Liberty: The Legacy of the ACLU', Paperback, William A. Donahue

Dissects the machinations of the ultra-liberal ACLU and its negative effect on American democracy.

'Impossible Subjects' Illegal Aliens and the Making of Modern America', Hardcover, Mae M. Ngai

A stunning history of U.S. immigration policy and practice.

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