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The Bond Market Association star
NASD Bond Info: Corporate Bond Search star
Standard & Poor's star
Default Rates star
LIFFE: London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange star
Chicago Board of Trade star
Brady Bonds star
Yahoo Bond Center star
Moody's Historical Default Rate for Corporate Bonds 1920-1999 icon-pdf-1 star
Dow Jones Corporate Bond Index
Bonds Online
SEC: Corporate Bonds
Raymond James: Corporate Bonds
Investor's Guide: Corporate Bonds
Smith Barney, Citigroup: Taxable Fixed Interest
Fitch Ratings
Moody's Investor Service
The Bond Ratings
Default and Returns on High Yield Corporate Bonds (Powerpoint)
Danmarks Bank: The Quality of Ratings by Rating Agencies
Hedging Swaps
Hedging Inflation Risk with CPI Futures
Interest Rate and Bond Futures
SEC: Bonds, callable or redeemable
Bond Calculator 2: Duration
High Yield or 'Junk' Bonds, Haven or Horror? Bonds
CNN: Money Bond Center
Motley Fool Bond Center
Smartmoney Bonds

Specific Links: Corporate and Foreign Bonds

Monthly Issuance: Corporate Bonds, High Yield and Investment Grade starstar starstar
SIA: Underwriting Statistics starstar
Survey of Current Business: (See International Transactions of Foreign Investments) star
Asian Bonds Online star
European Bond Markets Monthly Statistics star
Bond Yields and Interest 1900-2002 icon-pdf-1
Average Daily Trading Volume of Corporate Bonds
Number and Value of Corporate Debt Underwritings 1997-2002
BradyNet Homepage
Brady bonds and emerging economies debt markets
BIS: Quarterly Review, International Banking and Financial Markets
International Derivative Exchanges
J.P. Morgan Government Bond Indices (International)


'Managing a Corporate Bond Portfolio', Hardcover, Sergio M. Focardi, Frank J. Fabozzi, Petter N. Kolm star

For portfolio managers, analysts, traders, and even strategists, if there is one book in your bookshelf that you should have on corporate bond portfolio management, it is this one.

'International Financial Markets', Hardcover, J. Orlin Grabbe

World financial markets for foreign exchange, eurocurrencies, and international bonds.

Books about Corporate Bonds 

Books about Foreign Bonds 

Books about Interest Rate Derivatives

'Payback: The Conspiracy to Destroy Michael Milken and his Financial Revolution', Paperback, Daniel Fishel

Junk-bond pioneer Michael Milken, who was convicted in 1990 of unlawful stock transactions and spent two years in prison, actually committed no crimes at all, contends Fischel, a University of Chicago economist.

Books on junk bonds

Books on bond mathematics

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