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Global Value Investing ( starstar
Who's Who in Investing star
Stock Markets and Share Price Information star
Company Information Guide star
Digging into the dividend discount model
Fundamental analysis formulas
Investor's guide to fundamental analysis
San Francisco Fed: On the relation between stocks and bonds
Motley Fool:  Dividend Discount Model
W.D. Gann and the Law of Vibration
Phi: the Golden Number, The Stock Market and the Fibonacci Series Using Elliot Wave Theory to Analyze the Stock Market
The R. N. Elliott Story: From the Tea Room to the Tea Leaves
The Efficient Market Hypothesis on Trial
The Efficient Market Hypothesis
Eugene Fama: Candidate for the Nobel Prize
Synergy Fest: Ode to Fama
Eugene Fama Interviews
Eugene F. Fama: Highly Cited Authors
Technical Analysis from A to Z
Ludwig von Mises Institute: The Meaning of 'Over-Valued'
Keynes and the Efficient Market Hypothesis
J. M. Keynes's Internal Rate of Return
Harry M. Markowitz:   Autobiography
Mean Variance Optimization: Modern Portfolio Theory
Modern Portfolio Theory icon-pdf-1
The Failures of Modern Portfolio Theory icon-pdf-1
The Legacy of Modern Portfolio Theory icon-pdf-1
Money Online: Modern Portfolio Theory
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
MoneyChimp: CAPM Calculator
The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) icon-pdf-1
Safe Withdrawal Calculator
Merton H. Miller, biography
Franco Modigliani, Works and Resources
When are Dividends Irrelevant?  Implications of the M&M Hypothesis
Black-Scholes Option Value Calculator
The Black-Scholes Equation
Candlestick Charting
Dow Theory
Sunspots and Predictability of Asset Returns icon-pdf-1
Asset Allocation, Random Walks, and Post-Hoax Theories
The Paradox of Asset Pricing
Stock Buybacks and Not Always Good News
Dividend Policy Determinants
Dividends icon-pdf-1
John Maynard Keynes: The State of Long-Term Expectations
Prophet.Net:   the Complete Technical Analysis Suite
Big Charts
Morningstar Indices
CBS Marketwatch Major Indices
Hayek, Keynes, and Stock Markets
The New Economy and Productivity
Cyber Stock Exchanges: New Developments in Trading
Stock Exchanges Worldwide
Clearing Houses and Securities Depositories

Specific Links: Corporate Equities

Monthly Stock Market Report: Boston Fed starstar
Hoover's IPO Scorecard starstar
Jay Ritter's IPO Data (Historical) star
Treasury International Capital System star
Dividend Value Calculator star
Stock repurchases and incentive compensation
CBOE: Corporate Stock Repurchase Programs
IPO Monitor
IPO Market 1970-2000
SEC EDGAR Database
Historical Data for S&P Stocks
New York Stock Exchange
Yahoo: IPOs
Gaskin's IPO Desktop
BEA: Corporate Profits
Dow Jones Indexes
Depository Trust Company


'Charles Schwab: How One Company Beat Wall Street and Reinvented the Brokerage Industry', Hardcover, John Kador

Schwab's commitment to integrity and customer service, a code that enabled it to prevail despite upheavals and threats.

'Rogue Trader: How I Brought Down Barings Bank and Shook the Financial World', Hardcover, Nick Leeson

One of the great cautionary tales of investment banking.

Books on Common Stock

Books on Stock Speculation

Books on Stock Valuation  

'Applied Equity Analysis: Stock Valuation Techniques for Wall Street Professionals', Hardcover, James English

A how-to manual on evaluating stocks based on his 20 years of experience at JP Morgan.

'Equity Management: Quantitative Analysis for Stock Selection', Hardcover, Bruce I. Jacobs, Kenneth N. Levy, Harry N. Markowitz

A choice of groundbreaking, peer-reviewed articles on portfolio engineering and long-short investment strategy

'IPOs and Equity Offerings', Hardcover, Ross Geddes

The process of an offering from the decision to go public to the procedures of a subsequent equity offering by an experienced investment banker

Books on Modern Portfolio Theory

Books on CAPM

Books on Efficient Markets  

Subscriptions on Stock Markets

Books on Stock Market Analysis

Books on Random Walks

Books on Elliot Waves

Books on Candlestick Charts

Books on Astrology and Stock Markets

Books on Black-Scholes

Books on Fibonacci Series and Stocks

Books on Point and Figure Charting

Books on Warren Buffet

Books on Benjamin Graham

Books on John Burr Williams

Books on Dividends

Books on W. D. Gann

Books on Merton H. Miller

Books on Franco Modigliani

Book by Eugene Fama

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