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Investment Company Institute star
Mutual Fund Choices and Investor Demographics star
The Future of the Money Management Industry icon-pdf-1star
The Origins of Mutual Funds icon-pdf-1star
Mutual Fund Education Center
Brill's Mutual Fund Interactive
CNN: Mutual Funds
SEC: Mutual Fund Cost Calculator
Yahoo: Mutual Funds
Forbes: Mutual Funds
Mutual Fund Fraud Litigation
Newsweek: The Shame of Mutual Funds
401(k) Plan Sponsors and the Mutual Fund Scandal
Ludwig von Mises Institute: Is your mutual fund safe?
Investment Horizons and Wealth Transfers Among Mutual Fund Investors icon-pdf-1
Mutual Fund Performance Ratings as Predictors of Future Performance icon-pdf-1
Investing Like Dummies
Characteristics of Mutual Fund Investors icon-pdf-1
Mutual Fund Distribution and Shareholder Services Practices icon-pdf-1
Financial Economists Roundtable: Statement on Risk Disclosure by Mutual Funds
Testimony on Mutual Funds before Committee on Financial Services icon-pdf-1
ICI 1997 Mutual Fund Factbook icon-pdf-1
Cato Institute: The Rise of Worker Capitalism icon-pdf-1
Fee Waivers in Money Market Mutual Funds icon-pdf-1
Hedging Mutual Fund Returns Using Futures Markets and ETFs icon-pdf-1
The Truth Behind Mutual Fund Returns
Survivorship Bias and Mutual Fund Performance icon-pdf-1
Tax Externalities in Equity Mutual Funds icon-pdf-1
Performance Persistence in Mutual Funds icon-pdf-1
An Analysis of Mutual Fund Trading Costs icon-pdf-1
Exit Decisions in U.S. Mutual Funds Industry icon-pdf-1
Mutual Fund Shares Classes and Brokerage Incentives icon-pdf-1
Cleveland Fed: Mutual Funds, Fee Transparency and Competition icon-pdf-1
The Behavior of Mutual Fund Investors icon-pdf-1
Mutual Fund Advisory Fees: The Costs of Conflicts of Interest icon-pdf-1

Specific Links: Money Market Funds

ICI Statistics and Research Archive: Mutual Fund Fact booksstarstar
Monthly Mutual Fund Report: Boston Fed starstar
Money Market Mutual Fund Statistics starstar
iMoney Net: Money Market Fund Information star
Federal Reserve Money Stock Release H.6: See Table 5 and 6. star
New York Fed: The Money Supply
Federal Reserve Intermediate Targets
Money Supply Release Details
What was behind the M2 breakdown?
Federal Reserve sets up the tinder for inflation to take hold.
Money market mutual funds and other short-term investment pools.

Specific Links: Mutual Funds

Investment Company Institute: The Mutual Fund Connection starstar
News Search (Mutual Funds) starstar
ICI:  Mutual Fund Retirement Plans star
ICI: Mutual Fund Shareholders
ICI: Latest Industry Statistical Trends
ICI:   401(k) Plan Participants
Free Morningstar Fund Rating
Socially-Screened Fund Statistics
Yahoo Finance Fund Screener
Mutual Fund Investor's Center
Forbes Fund Screener
Brill's Mutual Fund Interactive
American Association of Individual Investors
Smart Money: Funds
Behavioral Factors in Mutual Fund Flows
Fund Alarm: Know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em ...
Business Week: Mutual Fund Scorecard


'The Lion of Wall Street: The Two Lives of Jack Dreyfus', Hardcover, Jack Dreyfus

Autobiography of the founder of the billion dollar Dreyfus Fund

'Weiss Ratings Guide To Bond And Money Market Mutual Funds', Quarterly, Subscription

Quarterly ratings and analysis on over 4,200 fixed income funds

'John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years', Hardcover, John C. Bogle, Paul Volcker

The first comprehensive review of the career of the founder of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds.

'A Purely American Invention: The U.S. Open-End Mutual Fund Industry', Paperback, Lee L. Greemillion

Comprehensive overview of the mutual fund business.

'Hazardous to your Wealth: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of the Mutual Fund Experts', Paperback, Robert Markman

Robert Markman shows that the financial services industry has promoted strategies that are doomed to failure

Principia Pro For Mutual Funds - CD-ROM - Quarterly

Morningstar Mutual Funds

'The Complete Guide to Managing a Portfolio of Mutual Funds', Hardcover, Ronald K. Rutherford

Statistical and non-statistical issues involved in selecting and managing a balanced portfolio of mutual funds.

Books on Mutual Funds

Books on Mutual Fund Performance

Books on Investment Company History 

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