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Asset-Backed Securities Q2 2004

The principal flows in asset-backed securities in Q2 2004 were to finance real estate ($255.7 billion, net, in home mortgages and $64.6 billion, net, in commercial mortgages). The principal source of this funding was the issuance of corporate bonds, mainly to foreign investors and life insurance pension funds. In other words, the trade deficit and […]

Commercial Banking Q2 2004

Flow of funds accounts for the commercial banking sector in Q2 2004 show that the major application of funds were in mortgages ($369.0 billion, net) and miscellaneous assets ($158.6 billion, net). The increase in “miscellaneous assets” is presumed to relate to intangibles and good will, the result of bank merger activity. The principal changes in funding […]

The American Election and Capital Flows …

It is fashionable in some quarters to say that it doesn’t make much difference who wins the elections; the country will go on its own way without much change. However, in 2004 this is probably not the case. In several areas it may be important whether Bush or Kerry becomes the next president: If Kerry wins, the U.S. […]

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