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About the effect of the rest of the world on the U.S. capital market …

Rest of world flees US private debt in Q2 2009

According to Federal Reserve Flow of Fund tables for Q2 2009 (F.107 Rest of the World), non-US residents are moving out of US private debt instruments, favoring US Treasuries despite record-low interest rates. The “flight to safety” which started with the Crash of 2009 has accelerated as the economic policies of the Obama administration are […]

Why Bernanke’s flawed “exit strategy” policy portends inflation

In a lead op-ed editorial in the Wall Street Journal on July 21, 2020, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke revealed the Fed’s exit strategy with regards to the inflationary effects of the Obama “spending is stimulus” packages and other government measure to contain the current crisis. This article is mandatory reading for anyone interested […]

How long would it take to work off the US trade deficit?

The rest of the world holds $16.8 trillion in US financial assets, according to Federal Reserve release Z.1, as of Q1 2009. […]

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