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About the effect of new technology on capital markets …

Why Congress can’t and won’t kill ACORN

Despite overwhelming votes to cut off funding for ACORN from both Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress in September 2009, there is a real question as to whether such measures are effective or even sincere. The ACORN scandal regarding the prostitution of minors exposed by young reporters Hannah Giles and Kenneth O’Keefe and publicized by […]

Post Modern Security Analysis: Part Nine (Operational versus financial information)

This is the ninth article in the series about Post Modern Security Analysis. Operational versus financial information In the classic 1934 text, “Security Analysis” by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, the emphasis was on financial analysis (balance sheets and income statements) and the analysis of the terms and conditions of securities. […]

Post Modern Security Analysis: Part Eight (Truth, Fact, and Opinion)

This is the eighth article in a series about Post Modern Security Analysis. Truth, Fact, and Opinion Fundamental concepts in open source research include “truth”, “fact”, and “opinion”. These ideas have occupied philosophers since the beginning of history. […]

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