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About commercial bankers, savings institutions, broker-dealers, and issuers of asset-backed securities …

A security analyst’s greatest challenge: Laziness

In the first issue of the Financial Analysts Journal of January 1945 the question “Should Security Analysts have a Professional Rating” was debated. […]

Why Bernanke’s flawed “exit strategy” policy portends inflation

In a lead op-ed editorial in the Wall Street Journal on July 21, 2020, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke revealed the Fed’s exit strategy with regards to the inflationary effects of the Obama “spending is stimulus” packages and other government measure to contain the current crisis. This article is mandatory reading for anyone interested […]

Banks accept California IOUs for deposit

The theater of the absurd where US monetary policy is played out reached the height of the ridiculous when, on July 2, 2020, the Federal Reserve issued a press release advising the public to check with their banks to see the terms and conditions under which a bank may accept for deposit the “registered […]

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