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About the various categories of securities that are traded in the U.S. capital market …

Rest of world flees US private debt in Q2 2009

According to Federal Reserve Flow of Fund tables for Q2 2009 (F.107 Rest of the World), non-US residents are moving out of US private debt instruments, favoring US Treasuries despite record-low interest rates. The “flight to safety” which started with the Crash of 2009 has accelerated as the economic policies of the Obama administration are […]

Obama fiscal deficit soars six-fold … dollar plunges!

Just in case someone might have missed the news … the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds accounts for Q2 2009, places the US fiscal deficit (annual basis) at $1,294.9 billion. (Table F.106 Federal Government, line 17, Net Federal Government Saving NIPA basis) This “Obama Deficit” is about six times the fiscal deficit for the year […]

What caused US stock prices to rise in early 2009?

The US Federal Reserve flow of funds accounts for Q2 2009 provide a clear explanation of the causes of the recovery in stock prices in the first half of 2009. These statistics show a pattern of behavior quite different from that which has prevailed since 1982. It is too early to say whether […]

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