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About securities of U.S. state and local governments …

Individual investors push stock prices up in Q2 2009

The Federal Reserve flow of funds accounts for US Households (Table F.100) clearly reveal the forces that drove the recovery in equity prices in the first half of 2009. By comparing the flow of funds in the year 2007 (at the top of the bubble), with the flows in Q2 2009, a dramatic shift in investor […]

How to survive the coming startup of inflation

On August 12, 2020, the US Federal Reserve indicated that it intended to stay the course, postponing effective action that might ward off high inflation once the Obama “spending is stimulus” money hits the fan. […]

SEC declares California IOUs to be municipal securities

On July 9, 2020, the US SEC declared California IOUs to be securities subject to Federal law, as reported in an article in The Bond Buyer. Further regulation is expected from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. If these securities do not extend beyond one year, it would appear that they might be exempt from Federal income tax. We […]

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