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About the effect of decisions of government officials on capital markets …

Obama fiscal deficit soars six-fold … dollar plunges!

Just in case someone might have missed the news … the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds accounts for Q2 2009, places the US fiscal deficit (annual basis) at $1,294.9 billion. (Table F.106 Federal Government, line 17, Net Federal Government Saving NIPA basis) This “Obama Deficit” is about six times the fiscal deficit for the year […]

Why Congress can’t and won’t kill ACORN

Despite overwhelming votes to cut off funding for ACORN from both Democrats and Republicans in the US Congress in September 2009, there is a real question as to whether such measures are effective or even sincere. The ACORN scandal regarding the prostitution of minors exposed by young reporters Hannah Giles and Kenneth O’Keefe and publicized by […]

From Messiah to Anti-Christ: Obama’s Lincoln moment …

This is the age of once-in-a-lifetime events. Just as the last quarter of 2008 witnessed the greatest financial crash in most people’s lives, the Northern-hemisphere Summer of 2009 presented a political happening on a similar order of magnitude to President Nixon’s exit from the White House in 1974. […]

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