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Who’s Holding America’s Stock Proxies?

Over 55% of corporate stock that belongs to U.S. Households and Nonprofit Organizations is held indirectly through intermediaries who hold the power to vote these shares. As of December 2004, according to the Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Account Table B100e, this indirect stock ownership was divided among five major categories of intermediaries, by market value: Life […]

Intermediaries Now Control Corporate America

Over 55% of the equity shares of U.S. corporations which belong, in the final analysis, to U.S. households and nonprofit organizations, are held indirectly through intermediaries, such as life insurance companies, private pension funds, government retirement funds, and mutual funds. (See: Federal Reserve Flow of Funds Table B100e. ) The graph shows how the voting […]

Just How Useful Are Private Pension Funds?

Between 1999 and 2002, U.S. private pension funds lost US$1.2 trillion in value. It turns out that $282.2 billion of the decline in private pension fund value over 1999 to 2002 was due to net withdrawals from these plans, but even so, the drop in market value amounted to $979.7 billion. It would almost seem that […]

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