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Academics Battle Over Index Funds in WSJ

The grim, grey editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal have become a field of glory, with flashing knives, slings and arrows, as famous academics battle to defend the besieged Efficient Market Hypothesis and the purity of Index Funds. […]

Accelerating to a Buyback-Option Blowout

By Q1 2006, stock repurchases by domestic non-financial corporations had multiplied to five times the level of 2000, the peak of the Great Bubble of the 1990s. […]

Buybacks and Options, the Yin-Yang that Rules the Market

Stock buybacks and stock options are two dominant interlocked forces that have determined the direction of prices in the U.S. equity market for years, as shown in the Federal Reserve flow of funds table F213 for Corporate Equities. […]

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