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About the various categories of securities that are traded in the U.S. capital market …

The Buyback Bubble Is Now Official!

The Federal Reserve Board does not make a practice of announcing when the stock market is in the midst of a speculative bubble. It officially notes deviant market behavior only well after the event, when it is too late for investors. Most shareholders will not realize they are now in hazardous times — this […]

Track Stock Buybacks With Google Alerts: See The Madness!

Google has come out with a new service called Google Alerts that is a great tool for tracking the madness of the US equity market. Sign up and enter the words ’stock buybacks’ and each day your email will bring proof of the lack of market rationality. Now, I’ve reported for some time (as many […]

The Great American Private-Equity-Buyback Arbitrage Play

The US equity market may now be moving into a new phase dominated by massive arbitrage between the value of equities with and without stock buybacks. As described in the article “US Equities: Wildly Over-Priced or a Great Bargain?“, the half-trillion dollar annual buyback craze that rules American equities has caused a gap to open between […]

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