F217. Total Mortgages and the Mortgage Market

Federal Reserve definition for F217 flow of funds table

Mortgages are loans that are secured in whole or in part by real property.

This table summarizes transactions in home mortgages, multi-family residential mortgages, commercial mortgages, and farm mortgages.

Holders of mortgages include lenders that both originate the loans and hold them as assets, such as commercial banks, thrift institutions, and insurance companies, as well as institutions that acquire the loans in the secondary market.

Some institutions emphasize particular types of mortgage lending; savings institutions, for example, hold about 80 percent of their mortgage loans in the form of home mortgages, whereas life insurance companies hold about the same percentage of their mortgage loans as commercial mortgages.

The category includes mortgages that have been pooled to provide collateral for mortgage pool securities and collateralized mortgage obligations issued by government and government-related agencies; such mortgages are shown as holdings of the federally related mortgage pools sector (table F.125).

Mortgages that back the security obligations of private issuers are assets of issuers of asset-backed securities (table F.126).

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