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Financial Services Fact Book: Total Mortgages star
Fannie Mae star star
Ginnie Mae star
Freddie Mac star
Sallie Mae star
Bond Market Statistics star
European Securitization Forum: Statistics and Data star
Mortgage Professor's Advice and Counsel star
The U.S. Mortgage Market: A Model of Dueling Charters icon-pdf-1
Making New Mortgage Markets icon-pdf-1
SEC: Mortgage Backed Securities
Agency Passthroughs (Powerpoint)
An Investor's Guide to Mortgage-Backed Securities
An Implied Prepayment Model for Agency Mortgage Backed Securities icon-pdf-1
The Secondary Mortgage Market (Powerpoint)
NYU: Mortgage-Backed Securities icon-pdf-1
Mortgage-Backed Securities (Flash)
The ABS, MBS, and Agency Bond Markets
Vinod Kothari's Securitization Website
Karl Jeacle's Mortgage Calculator
Bloomberg Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator
'A Mortgage Fund on a Sound Footing', Business Week
LaSalle: Agency CMOs
Fannie Mae Single Family Guides
Fannie Mae Multi-Family Guides
Fidelity: Mortgage Backed Securities
History of the Bond Market Association
San Francisco Fed: Mortgage Refinancing 2003
Loan prepayment modeling  icon-pdf-1
CBO: Effects of Repealing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's SEC Exemptions.
The Effect of Pre-Payment Modeling in Pricing MBS icon-pdf-1
Rational Pre-Payment and Valuations of MBS icon-pdf-1
Low Income Mortgage Terminations icon-pdf-1

Specific Links: Agency Securities

Monthly Treasury Statement starstar
Treasury Bulletin star
Federal Housing Finance Board star
Fannie Mae star
Ginnie Mae star
Freddie Mac star
Farmer Mac star
Connie Lee (No Longer Funded)
Sallie Mae star
Farm Service Agency star
Export-Import Bank of the United States star
Bond Market Association: Government & Federal Agency Securities Division star
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC star
The Federal Housing Administration star
Bureau of Land Management star
FSLIC Resolution Fund
Financial Assistance Corporation
U.S. Coast Guard
The Architect of the Capitol
United States Postal Service
Tennessee Valley Authority
Commodity Credit Corporation
Yahoo: Agency Bonds 101

Specific Links: Total Mortgages

Mortgage Bankers Association: Mortgage and Market Data starstar
Federal Reserve Statistics:   Conventional Mortgage Rates star
Bond Market: Average Daily Trading of Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities star
Relationship between non-business bankruptcies and consumer debt star
Federal Reserve Board: Household Debt Service & Financial Obligation Ratios star
Financial Services Fact Book: Mortgage Finance and Housing
National Association of Mortgage Brokers
Federal Reserve: Interagency Advisory on Mortgage Banking icon-pdf-1
Hoover's: Mortgage Banking and Related Services Mortgage Links
International Mortgages: the BASEL Capital Accords
Philadelphia Fed: BASEL II, The Impact of Competition on U.S. Financial Services
CBS Market Watch: Mortgage Rates


'The Handbook of Mortgage Banking: Trends, Opportunities, and Strategies', Hardcover, Jess Lederman

A comprehensive guide to the mortgage banking industry

'Residential Mortgage Lending: Principles and Practices', Marshall W. Dennis, Thomas J. Pinkowish

An excellent review of the development of residential lending in US, government regulations, major market players, and important product types

Books on Mortgage Banking

Books on Consumer Finance  

Mortgage Magazines  

'Prisoners of Myth: The Leadership of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933-1990', Paperback, Erwin C. Hargrove

The first comprehensive history of the Tennessee Valley Authority

'How the Bond Market Works, Paperback, Robert Zipf

First published in 1988, this popular guide has gone through ten sell-out printings. Now updated.

'Serving Two Masters, Yet Out of Control: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac', Paperback, Peter J. Wallison, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
'Collateralized Mortgage Obligations: Structure and Analysis', Hardcover, Frank J. Fabozzi, Chuck Ramsey

Sheds light on this highly technical subject – one of the fastest-growing sectors of the fixed-income securities market.

'Collateralized Debt Obligations & Structured Finance: New Developments in Cash & Synthetic Securitization', Hardcover, Janet M. Tavakoli

Highlighting caveats introduced by the rapid growth of credit derivatives technology in structured finance.

Books on mortgage backed securities

Books on credit derivatives  

'The Mortgage & Mortgage-Backed Securities Markets', Hardcover, Frank J. Fabozzi, Franco Modigliani

An authoritative work from the Harvard Business School Press.

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