Investment Theory: Exogenous Variables: War

Resources on Conflict and War

Here are some links that provide an overview of wars today, including asymmetrical warfare, rebellions, insurgencies, and tribal conflicts.


War News
The World at War: Conflicts world wide, explained in detail.. starstar

Past wars, U.S. operations, International disputes, War map, Links.

United Nations "Peacekeeping"

Details of U.N. peacekeeping operations since 1948.

International Conflict Research: Country Guides

INCORE country guides on conflict and ethnicity sponsored by United Nations University and University of Ulster.

U.S. Department of State: Travel Warnings star

Worldwide travel warnings and consular information sheets, up-to-date.

Current Wars: More than 1000 deaths per year

Table showing classification of current wars by type, duration, parties involved, issues, and number killed. Sponsored by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

U.S. Department of Defense: Defend America star

Official news about the U.S. War on Terrorism

The Center for Security Policy

Extensive articles, news, editorials, and other material on U.S. security policy from many sources.

Global Conflict: Hot Spots Map (Council of Foreign Relations) star

Brief, expert analysis of current conflicts with maps.

MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base star

A comprehensive database of global terrorist incidents and organizations. National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.

Terrorist Group Profiles

Dudley Knox Library. Naval Postgraduate School

Proliferation, News and Resources star

Extensive up-to-date information on nuclear proliferation, dangers and defenses. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

IWS, The Information Warfare Site star

News and information about information warfare, sponsored by Infragard Manufacturing Industry Association.

Information Warfare Monitor star

News on operations security, military deception, psychological warfare, physical attack/destruction, special IO and computer network attack. Sponsored by Advanced Network Research Group.

Federation of American Scientists star

Information on U.S. chain of command, arms trade, nuclear weapons, munitions, weapons in space, and much else, including nuclear blast calculator and fallout calculator.

Chemical and Biological Arms Control Institute

Literature and news on bio terrorism and biological and chemical warfare.

DEA Briefs and Background star

Periodic briefings from the Drug Enforcement Administration on the worldwide war on drug trafficking.

International Reports star

Over 230 reports on countries worldwide compiled by the Washington Times.

Jane's Defense Reports star

Premier private source on defense related intelligence. The site offers extracts of briefings for non-subscribers.

Weekly Intelligence Notes star

The Association of Former Intelligence Officers issue weekly intelligence notes on worldwide events that are "unlocked" to the public after eight weeks.

OSS.Net Intelligence Insights star

Portal for open source intelligence worldwide.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection

U.S. government information on border protection programs.

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