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National Federation of Municipal Analysts star
Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board star
Fitch Ratings: Public Finance star
Moody's U.S. Municipal Bond Rating Scale icon-pdf-1star
Glossary of municipal bond terms
Municipal Bonds 101:
Chicago Board of Trade Municipal Bond Derivatives
Trading Activity and Price Volatility in the Municipal Bond Market
In Search Of Municipal Bond Offering Documents
Municipal Bond Liquidity icon-pdf-1
ICI: Shareholders of municipal bond mutual funds icon-pdf-1
Pre-refunded municipal bonds icon-pdf-1
Overview of the Municipal Bond Market icon-pdf-1
Moody's Ratings
Standard & Poor's
Orange County Bankruptcy Case Creditors
Orange County Case:  Using Value at Risk to Control Financial Risk
Merrill Execs off the Hook in Orange County Bankruptcy
Insured Municipal Bonds icon-pdf-1
Knowledge-Based Approaches for Evaluating Municipal Bonds icon-pdf-1
Immigration, Financial Stability, and Municipal Bond Ratings icon-pdf-1
Tax-Exempt Derivative Products: An Overview
Debt and New York's Public Authorities: Borrowing Like There's No Tomorrow
Municipal Bond Calculator
Types of Municipal Bonds
Bond Insurance
Insured U.S. Municipal Bonds
Online bond insurance from MBIA
Bond analysts' conflicts still a hidden problem
The undervalued safe haven bond
Pay to Play in the Municipal Bond Industry

Specific Links: Municipal Securities

Bureau of Census: State and Local Government Finance Data starstar
U.S. Census Bureau: Federal, State, and Local Governments star star
Outstanding Level of Public and Private Debt star
Federal Reserve F.211
Bond Market Association:   Research on Municipal Debt
Bond Market Association: Municipal Swap Index
Review of Electronic Transaction Systems for Bond Markets
Number and Value of Long-Term Municipal Bond Underwritings 1992-2002 Municipal Yield Curve
Bond Market Association: Municipal Securities Division


'How Municipal Bonds Work (New York Institute of Finance)', Paperback, Robert Zipf

Intended for investment professionals interested in how U.S. municipal bonds work.

'Municipal Bonds: The Comprehensive Review of Municipal Securities and Public Finance', Hardcover, Robert P. Lamb, Stephen P. Rappaport

The tools to evaluate the safety of municipal securities

'Big Bets Gone Bad: Derivatives and Bankruptcy in Orange County', Paperback, Philippe Jorion, Robert Roper

An analysis of the esoteric financial instruments that allowed the treasurer, Robert Citron, to bankrupt Orange County after losing $1.5 billion.

'The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds: 5th Edition', Hardcover, The Bond Market Association, Judy Wesalo Temel

A classic text on the municipal securities market

Books on Municipal Bonds

Magazines on Municipal Bonds

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