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About exogenous variables that effect capital markets, such as demographics, war, leadership, economic theory, and new technology …

Victory In Iraq Is Not An Option — for the Democratic Party

Politics in America has been transformed from being merely crass and corrupt into being overtly suicidal and wildly insane. Believe it or not: the future of the Democratic Party now depends upon the United States losing the War in Iraq. Anything less than bitter defeat for US troops and outright triumph for Muslim extremists may […]

Demutualized Stock Exchanges Change Stockbrokers’ Role

Over the last twenty years, stock exchanges have morphed into a new type of institution: the ‘demutualized exchange’. The position and power of stockbrokers — once the ‘masters of the investment universe’ — has been significantly lessened. “Demutualization” is the process by which a stock exchange is transformed from the traditional configuration of a broker-owned, […]

Hugo Chavez: The US Bond Market’s Friend

On January 11, 2020, Hugo Chavez Frias was sworn in for a third term as Venezuela’s president, promising to expropriate strategic sectors of the economy, specifically public utilities and oil properties and to generally run rough-shod over property rights and the rule of law. […]

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