Bad News for Europe: US May Leave Iraq Too Soon

On November 7, 2020, about 20% of American voters went to the polls and delivered control of the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party, making the ultra-liberal Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House and third in line to become Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. (Voter turnout was about 40%.)

This was not unexpected. The Republicans had become fat and complacent, misspending taxpayer money, involving themselves in corruption and scandals, and abandoning conservative principles. Hard core Republicans lost the essential Hispanic vote by failing to follow President Bush’s rational policy on immigration reform.

Furthermore, the Bush Administration had gone to war without creating the necessary propaganda machine to gin up martial revolve and a sense of sacrifice and duty. Americans managed a brief spurt of patriotic fervor in the months following nine-eleven, but by 2006, the flags had been put away and people had returned to cheering sports events and gushing over the scandals of celebrities.

Compared to World War II, the Korean War, and the War in Vietnam, the conquests of Iraq and Afghanistan were small affairs. In terms of cost and disruption to the home economy, these two wars were incomparably less burdensome than World War II.

There was no rationing of gasoline or sugar, no War Bond Drives, no blackouts, no waste paper campaigns, no civil defense or home guard, no government orchestrated propaganda, no huge fiscal deficits, no concentration camps for thousands of US citizens with ethnic ties to the other side, no draft of millions, no censorship of troop mail.

The number of US marines killed in a single battle, Iwo Jima, was greater than all US military deaths in five years of Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of US sailors killed just in the battle of Okinawa surpassed the toll on all services in the War on Terror.

If it were not for television, most Americans would hardly notice there was a war on at all.

The martial spirits of their grandfathers had long departed and could not be rekindled.

Aware of the weakened national resolve, the Democratic Party seized the opportunity and called for retreat in the midst of war. The media, inspired by Vietnam, bombarded the home front with negative images, ignoring victories and successes, while accusing the administration of mismanaging the economy, despite statistics to the contrary, playing on voters’ fears and discontents.

In the end, the media and their Democratic friends — black racists, tort lawyers, labor unionists, government workers, gays, abortionists, and atheists — brought down a weakened Republican Party, already corrupted by being in Washington too long.

What Happens Now?

Although the Democrats have not been specific as to what they will do next, they did promise supporters to work towards:

  • Quickly withdrawing US troops from Iraq.

  • Relying on diplomacy and the United Nations, rather than force, to resolve problems with Muslim extremists and the nuclear threats of Iran and North Korea.

  • Halting eavedropping on terrorist conversations and spying on financial transfers between terrorists.

  • Removing Donald Rumsfeld from his position as Secretary of Defense, despite successfully having deposed the tyrant Saddam Hussein in Iraq and the vicious Taliban in Afghanistan — two military goals that the Democrats predicted would not be achieved. (Rumsfeld resigned on November 8, 2020.)

  • Halting ‘waterboarding’ and other effective methods of extracting vital information from captured terrorists, even when a nuclear threat on New York City is involved.

  • Releasing Muslim terrorists in custody in Guantanamo, Cuba into the population where they will be free to resume attacks on the United States.

This news, of course, has been greeted with great satisfaction and jubilation in Muslim countries, especially among terrorist leaders, who now have evidence that the United States, as shown in Vietnam, is a paper tiger, unable to muster the determination needed to fight a protracted war and easily conquered with the help of a few wealthy liberal media barons who use ‘freedom of the press’ to manipulate public opinion against military action that they do not approve.

Killing innocent Muslim women and children by sending suicide bombers into schools and markets has paid off. ‘Allah will know his own’ and Americans will flinch from the blood shown daily on television which the administration cannot censor.

Most importantly, Muslim extremists have proof that they can rely on American liberals, especially those in Hollywood and the press, to do their bidding, publishing war secrets and demoralizing the home front with anti-war propaganda, undermining military action and tearing down patriotic leaders who attempt to use force against America’s enemies.

Are Europeans Dancing in the Streets Too Soon?

Europeans are also overjoyed with the victory of the flower children and the resounding defeat of President Bush, who is widely hated. Like American liberals, they simply do not understand that the price of Freedom is a willingness of citizens to make sacrifices to keep tyrants away.

Neville Chamberlain Announces Diplomatic Triumph over the Nazis - 1938
Neville Chamberlain Announces Diplomatic Triumph over the Nazis - 1938

In this, Europeans resemble their grandfathers who cheered that stauch defender of appeasement, Neville Chamberlain, when he said in 1938:

“My good friends this is the second time in our history that there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honor. I believe it is peace in our time.”

“How horrible, fantastic, incredible, it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing!”

“Armed conflict between nations is a nightmare … war is a fearful thing, and we must be very clear, before we embark on it, that it is really the great issues that are stake.”

But unlike World War I and World War II, it is increasingly unlikely that America will come again to the defense of European appeasers in World War III. Now, after November 7, 2020, there will be no Yanks coming, with their “drums rum-tumming”, to save the Europeans from despots “over there”.

With the victory of the Democrats in Congress, the role of the United States as ‘the world’s policeman’ has changed, probably for good. This job will now be handed over to the United Nations.

The Democrats oppose fighting enemies abroad, preferring to allow terrorists to strike at America first.

So what does this mean for Europe? Should Europe feel safe in the hands of Kofi Annan, Russia and China?

The Common Market Is Encircled and Europe Is Shrinking

A   quick look at the map shows Europe’s precarious position:

World War III and the Fall of Europe in Five Easy Steps
World War III and the Fall of Europe in Five Easy Steps
  • To the southeast and south, Europeans face a solid wall of Muslim nations (in green), the home of extremists who talk of restoring the Caliphate (the Ottomon Empire) and reconquering European lands they once held, and then finishing the conquest where their ancestors left off. These extremists control vital oil that keeps Europe running. They can turn off the oil spigot, bringing Europe to its knees. However, they don’t expect to conquer Europe by force of arms, but rather by infiltration, terror, and propaganda.

  • To the east, Europeans are confronted by Russia, backed up by China (in red). Within the last generation, the Soviets occupied much of Europe, inflicting pain and hardship. Today, Russia is ruled by a former KGB agent who is inexorably moving towards authoritarian rule and who has already shut off energy to Europe for political gain. Much of Europe’s energy depends on Russia. Russia ardently defended Saddam Hussein and is already helping to arm the Iranians, perhaps hoping to get back a piece of Europe with their collaboration.

The other stunning fact about Europe is that it has an aging and dying population. Birth control, the high costs of raising children, medical advances, zero-growth policies, and hedonism have taken their toll.

Europeans no longer reproduce at a rate that maintains a stable population. Unemployment is high, while the population is shrinking and getting too old to fight.

Like the United States and Latin America, the wage differential between Europe’s socialist economies and the poor Muslim nations to the south and southeast, guarantees the steady infiltration of lesser-educated, resentful Muslims into the heart of Europe, where Arab oil money has set up madrassas and terrorist recruiting centers.

Within a decade, ten percent of Europeans will be Muslim. Turkey and nations in the Balkans are already predominately Muslim. Large Muslim populations are found in France, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. The terrorists that attacked the United States on September 11, 2020, were recruited and trained in Germany.

When the United States leaves Iraq and Afghanistan, under pressure from a Democrat-controlled Congress, the Europeans will not move in to take over the job. Without the United States, the European military will be fragmented, lacking political will, and incapable of waging war effectively against fanatical, suicidal Muslims who threaten their security.

While America Turns Away, Europe Sleeps

November 7, 2006 may go down as one of those turning points that future generations will wish never happened.

The control of the US Congress by appeasement Democrats, followed by accelerated withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, sends this message:

  • The United States is not a steadfast ally against terrorists. Americans will cut and run when the going gets tough. It is foolish to be an ally of the United States.

  • The so-called “Jewish vote” is not to be feared by Muslim extremists. Although Senator Joseph Lieberman managed to retain a Senate seat as an Independent, his expulsion from the Democratic Party shows that support of Israel is no longer a consideration among American liberals.

  • The United States will not take military action to halt Iran from acquiring atomic weapons, and neither the United Nations or Europe is capable of doing anything effective.

World War III is now well underway and Europe is sleeping and about to be conquered.

The Fall of Europe in Five Easy Steps

Although no one knows the future, it seems plausible that the encircling and conquest of Europe — based on statements of Muslim extremists and the direction of American foreign policy — might proceed as follows:

Step One: Iran Gets The Bomb and America Retreats: It seems inevitable now that Iran will become a nuclear power, probably within this decade. At the same time, it will develop missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads anywhere in Europe from the coast of North Africa. Meanwhile, under pressure from a Democratic Congress and perhaps a Democratic President in 2008, American troops will be gone from the middle east and Afghanistan. Iraq will be abandoned to its fate and American allies will have been betrayed. Never again will America be able to organize a ‘coalition of the willing’ to fight terror.

Step Two: Destroy Israel: In order to rally Muslim extremists throughout the Middle East and North Africa, and recruit even moderate Muslims to their cause, Iran will take steps to destroy Israel.

Israel has shown weakness in defending itself when terrorists launched missiles supplied by Iran through Syria. A nuclear bomb smuggled into Tel Aviv and Haifa should do the trick and ‘Allah will know his own’ when it comes to separating the Muslim from the Israeli dead. The United States will do nothing because there will be no ‘legal proof’ that the bomb came from Iran. With the Democrats demanding the matter be given to the United Nations, Russia and China will assure that nothing is done.

Although the legal experts will not be able to identify the culprits, the Muslim world will understand and celebrate. Nations of North Africa and Saudi Arabia will quickly rally to the side of Iran. Libya will restart its nuclear program, abandoned under the Bush administration, and will allow Iranian missiles to be installed on its soil, targeting Europe as far as northern Sweden.

Step Three: Destroy New York: Now, like Napoleon and Hitler, the Iranians and their extremist friends will go too far, misjudging the reaction of the United States to the destruction of Israel and forgetting that Uncle Sam still has a nuclear arsenal that could send every Muslim to Paradise.

Because it will be so easy to evade the fatally weakened US intelligence services, by now completely neutered by the Democrats, the extremists will be able to sneak an atomic bomb into New York City, probably via Canada. The blast will take out much of the Manhattan population and impair US financial markets for months.

However, 99% of the US population will not be harmed, nor will US military power be diminished. Three hundred million Americans will be mightily pissed off and the Democratic Party, to escape blame, will call for immediate and massive atomic retaliation against the Muslim world. When the radioactive dust settles, perhaps millions of Muslims, and others near them, will be dead.

Step Four: Blockade US Ports: At this point, all discussion of ‘globalization’ will become moot. In order to protect the United States from retaliation, the US fleet will be stationed in the Atlantic and Pacific to block ships destined for US ports.

To resolve the problem of a shortage of oil, the US fleet will be stationed off Venezuela to direct oil exports to American ports. Hugo Chavez, if still alive, will fall from power without oil money. The ‘good neighbor’ policy of Franklin Roosevelt will be revived and the US will turn to developing reliable allies in its own hemisphere, pushing the State Department ‘democracy first’ policy into the ash bin.

The closure of US ports will send the world into a severe depression. Europe, with oil from the Mideast cut off and trade with the rest of the world crippled, will enter rough times.

At this point, many Europeans will feel the noose tightening and, realizing their peril, will seek to emigrate to the US, Canada, Australia, and Latin America — while there is still time.

Step Five: The Final Occupation of Europe: Of course, the atomic havoc wreaked upon the Muslim nations will stir up great interest among these populations to get to somewhere safe. By now, Muslims will have become the pariahs of the non-Muslim world and who will have them?

The answer, of course, is Europe, because of the direct route by land and Europe’s inability to stop the flow of refugees, and fear of terrorist retaliation. Coming through Turkey and the Balkans, Muslim refugees will stream into Europe day and night, and the Europeans will be as ineffective in closing their borders as Americans have been with the Mexicans.

Soon the Pope will wake up each morning to the call to prayers from loudspeakers on mosques across the square from the Vatican.

As Christians escape to friendlier shores, fleeing terrorists, discrimination, economic bad times, and seeking the old way of life, Europe will become dominated by Muslims.

And so, without invading armies, perhaps through ‘democratic’ political processes, the New Caliphate will finally be established in Europe.

Dancing the Pelosi Cha Cha

Is this too extreme a vision? Perhaps. But think about the extremes and horrors of World War II leading to half of century of Communist domination over Europe, and then about the ‘don’t-worry-be-happy’ attitudes of the appeasers of the 1930s.

Consider the geopolitical situation of Europe and the role of the United States in keeping Europe free during the 20th century.

Now, dear European readers, before you put on your dancing shoes to dance the Nancy Pelosi Cha Cha in the streets of Paris, ask yourself: are you really safer without George Bush as President and without Republicans in the US Congress — for these were people who were willing to spend American lives and dollars to protect you?

You’re on your own now.

Of course, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Nancy Pelosi is just George Bush in drag.

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