Flow of Funds Accounts, Market Securities, Definitions

Flow of Funds Accounts: Market Securities and Definitions Flow of Funds Accounts (instruments) : continued

Reading Flow of Funds Accounts

The Instrument Category Page

Capital Flow Analysis is a top-down technique.

The first stop on your way to a securities flow table is an instrument category page.

The instrument category page describes a segment of the market in general terms, including the size of the market and its predominant characteristics.

Links in the right column of the instrument category page lead to the instrument definition page(s), external research sources, recent articles in the weblog on this instrument category, and related discussion boards in the forum.

Following the link in the right column of the instrument category page (above), you open an instrument definition page that centralizes access to the data on that particular market segment.

The Instrument Definition Page

In the right column of the definition page there are links that lead to flow and level tables for that instrument, and to external links with further information on that instrument.

For example, the external links for Agency Securities (below) lead to current Treasury Bulletins that present recent outstandings for agency securities.

The instrument definition page shows the official Federal Reserve definition for this table — information that is essential in interpreting the data.

There also is a link to the instrument flow table brings up the color-coded format that is exclusive to this site.

The link to the related level table goes to the Federal Reserve site.

Level tables are not color-coded.


Before proceeding, check your progress:


A capital flow analyst starts by looking at:
Choice 1 Sector flows for ABS.
Choice 2 Instrument flows for a market.
Choice 3 Instrument levels for banks.
Choice 4 Sector levels for bonds.
Instrument category pages have links to:
Choice 1 Flow tables on related instruments.
Choice 2 Research sources for the category.
Choice 3 Related weblog articles.
Choice 4 Sector level tables.
Instrument definition pages have:
Choice 1 Links to sector definitions.
Choice 2 Links to instrument flow tables.
Choice 3 The official definition for an instrument.
Choice 4 Links to instrument level tables.

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