Retiring Baby Boomers and Stock Market Capital Flows: Investment Theory

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Retiring Baby Boomers and Stock Market Capital Flows: Investment Theory Retiring Baby Boomers and Capital Flows

The Baby-Boomers

The Murky Future

It is hard to predict the long-term impact of the aging Baby Boomers on stock prices.

Countervailing demographics may intervene.

Immigrants from Latin American may absorb stocks dumped by retiring Boomers.

For example, a positive resolution of the problem of immigration from Latin America could increase the younger cohort to the point that they will be able to absorb securities dumped by the Baby Boomers.

If the Common Stock Legend persists, this may be effective.

However if the next generation returns to the dividend-loving mind set of their great grandfathers, the Baby Boomers will have a hard time.

Political-sociological speculations, such as this, are part of Capital Flow Analysis.

It should be noted, however, that although we may be aware of the forces in play, it is impossible to know the future.


Before proceeding, check your progress:


Compared to the preceeding generation, Baby Boomers were:
Choice 1More patriotic.
Choice 2Smarter.
Choice 3More materialistic.
Choice 4More altruistic.
Compared to the preceeding generation, the typical Baby Boomer was more likely to:
Choice 1Study engineering.
Choice 2Seek a MBA degree.
Choice 3Work in a factory.
Choice 4Avoid a divorce.
Over the next thirty years, Baby Boomers will be primarily interested in such things as:
Choice 2 Raising funds for assisted living facilities.
Choice 3 Increasing their holdings of common stock.
Choice 1 Getting accepted in a good college.
Choice 4 Paying for escalating medical costs.

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