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British CFAs reject the Efficient Market Hypothesis

According to the Financial Times (June 16, 2020), the British Chartered Financial Analyst Institute recently polled its members and found that 77% either “strongly” or “very strongly” disagreed that investors behaved rationally. […]

Why effective financial reform is unlikely under Obama

Secretary of the US Treasury, Timothy Geithner, has informed Congress that the Obama administration is preparing to submit proposals for reform of the US financial market. This is an attempt to enact measures that will avoid repetition of the Crash of 2008, by reducing “systemic risk”. Although billed as one of the most significant reforms […]

World flees US financial assets in Q1 2009

Federal Reserve flow of funds table F.107 (Rest of the World) showed that foreign investors — that for many years had been the primary support of US bond and commercial paper markets — were conspicuously absent. […]

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