From Messiah to Anti-Christ: Obama’s Lincoln moment …

This is the age of once-in-a-lifetime events.

Just as the last quarter of 2008 witnessed the greatest financial crash in most people’s lives, the Northern-hemisphere Summer of 2009 presented a political happening on a similar order of magnitude to President Nixon’s exit from the White House in 1974.

From Messiah to Anti-Christ?

In metaphoric terms: President Barrack Obama hit the “Lincoln Wall” going ninety miles an hour and on the way to the hospital, a medical emergency worker found the number “666″ on his scalp, under his hair.

The “Lincoln Wall”, of course, was the barrier referred to by Abraham Lincoln, in the saying:

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

President Obama hit this “wall” when he failed to get a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass a thousand-page “health care reform” bill, without reading it, before adjourning for summer recess and facing their constituents at traditional townhall meetings.

The “medical emergency worker” in this metaphor represents the American people who finally began to figure out that Barrack Obama was not the “Chosen One” after all.

The number “666″ represents the little girl along the parade route as Obama drove to a town meeting in New Hampshire, holding up the hand-written sign: “Obama lies, Grandma dies”.

Some of the people, all of the time …

Now, Barrack Obama has millions of avid, loyal supporters who will be on his side, no matter what he does. These are the people who have nowhere else to go:

  • Militant atheists;
  • Militant homosexuals;
  • Militant supporters of post-partum abortions;
  • People with pictures of Che Guevara on their walls;
  • Members of Congress from gerrymandered Democratic districts, who can never lose an election, like Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and members of the Black Caucus;
  • Union leaders;
  • Union members in both the public and private sectors that owe their continued employment and benefits to union rules;
  • Academics who receive money, directly or indirectly, from the government;
  • and so forth.

These are the people that have surrounded Obama his whole life and who have shaped his thinking and view of the world. In the cocoon of the Presidency, surrounded by sycophants and political operatives, he will never get to understand how that huge portion of the population that he doesn’t represent actually perceives the world.

All of the people, some of the time …

Barrack Obama was elected president of the United States, despite a total lack of executive experience and questionable associations with people like Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers, because a once-in-a-lifetime financial crisis hit the world just as voters were getting ready to go to the polls, because he was African-American and offered people a chance to prove that the country was above bigotry, and because he promised to be all things to all people, not raise their taxes, and bring “change we can believe in”.

He promised to get beyond partisan politics and to win a “just” War in Afghanistan. He promised to introduce a new kind of diplomacy, extending the “hand of friendship” that would make the whole world love Americans. He promised to rid Washington of lobbyists and influence peddlers.

He promised to go through legislation line by line and weed out every earmark and instance of pork barrel spending.

At every meeting, he said what he needed to say to get elected and the fawning mainstream media, already in the bag for the Democrat Party, ate it all up, failing to subject their beloved candidate’s extraordinary claims to minimal scrutiny.

But it was all a lie.

On February 17, 2020, less than a month after taking office, Barrack Obama signed into law a pork-laden, $787 billion “stimulus package” that no legislator had read in its entirety, without bipartisan support.

The honeymoon was over.

Why Americans oppose Obamacare

The opposition to President Obama’s health care plans comes from ordinary citizens who are very familiar with how health care works in the United States. The majority of people have private health insurance and are satisfied with their current situation. Millions are aware of the poor record of national health care in Canada and are afraid that Obamacare will represent something similar. They are afraid that the cost will go up and that Obama’s claim that his plan can be paid for out of savings is simply untrue. The majority have a very poor opinion of Congress and the government.

While people may not be able to understand the economics behind Obama’s “spending is stimulus” doctrine, many will bow to the opinion of the so-called experts, the academic economists. People also cannot understand the logic behind the “cap-and-trade” scheme or the truth in claims of “global warming”, but will bow to the opinions of Obama’s carefully selected panels of “scientists”.

However, when it comes to health, we all are experts. We all are born, get sick, and die and have plenty of opportunity to see others in the same situation. We all know that health care is a scarce commodity that is currently rationed by ability to pay. We all know that “death panels” do in fact exist today, although mostly in family groups and in individual decisions not to engage in “heroic measures” to prolong grandma’s life, to the detriment of the economic well-being of the rest of the family.

However, most people would prefer to keep these “rationing decisions” within the family, rather than trust some government bureaucrat, most of whom will be in the opposite political party.

Why Obamacare will pass Congress

Despite growing opposition, Barrack Obama and his allies will force national health care through Congress (although disguised in such a way as to get gullible Republicans like Chuck Grassley, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe to give their “bi-partisan” votes).

Obama seems incapable of moving to the center to save his Presidency. Instead, his minions are now resorting to portraying the majority of Americans as “evil-mongers”, “unpatriotic”, and a “mob”.

Radical proponents of Obamacare believe that although they may lose control of Congress in 2010, that once the bill is enacted into law, it will be impossible to repeal. Like killer bees that die after having stung their victim, these “representatives” of the people will have done what they set out to do.

However, immunity from repeal might be true if the bill were to have only a minor impact on the economy for a decade or so, like social security, becoming a recognized problem in a generation or so.

However, after the Summer of 2009, this is unlikely.

Moreover, to construct such a Trojan Horse, Congressional Democrats would have to be very clever and restrained — two traits they seem to be totally lacking. They would have to be willing to work with Republicans, presenting a true bipartisan bill, with the evil provisions leading to eventual national healthcare artfully disguised.

Those that want to push through Obamacare, despite public opposition, suffer from terminal hubris, exceeding arrogance, a sense of immortality, and a feeling of participation in an heroic mission. Like suicide bombers with C4 strapped to their chests, they are not capable of thinking rationally about self-preservation.

How Obamacare may save the country from socialism

The logic of those who will force Obamacare on the country, despite massive public opposition, seems to be as follows:

  1. Once Obamacare passes into law, it will not be possible to get enough Republican votes to revoke the legislation — ever.
  2. The American people are stupid. They will forget and forgive their legislators for going against their wishes when they eventually see how well the plan works in practice.
  3. The Democratic Party will gain so many votes from those benefiting from a new “free handout”, that the party will stay in power forever.

The problem with this logic is that people are not quite as stupid as Obama’s people think, nor are memories quite as short as supposed.

Obamacare will give the Republican Party a pearl of inestimable political value:

  1. Proof that the Democrats do not represent the people, as they claim;
  2. Solid justification for a Republican majority, since without it, the hated Obamacare bill cannot be repealed.
  3. A basis to unite the party around a popular theme.

The arrogance and condescension of American liberals during the Johnson and Carter administrations left such a bad taste in the mouths of Americans that the Democratic Party was in purgatory for over a generation.

The arrogance and “tin-ears” of the Obama Chicago gang goes beyond anything seen in recent American political history.

For Republicans, President Obama is shape-shifting into the gift that keeps on giving.



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  2. Who wrote this beauty? It is well-written and its refrain from bias is astonishing. Like seriously, it is hard to read objective articles on health care and Obama.


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