Governor Sarah Palin waves goodbye

On July 2, 2020, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, announced that she was resigning from her post. She did not give a clear reason, other than to state that her family was 100% behind the decision. She mentioned the politics of personal destruction, and left it at that.

Sarah Palin waves goodby

The liberal press, the home of rabid Palin-haters, sneered, “if you can’t stand the head, get out of the kitchen”, and suggested she was “getting out of Dodge” before an undisclosed scandal broke.

There was talk about her “lack of experience” (ignoring the exceedingly abysmal experience-deficit of the adored Barrack Obama).

There was criticism about her choosing the eve of the Fourth of July to make the announcement, suggesting that she hoped her decision wouldn’t draw much attention over the long holiday weekend.

Criticism of the Fourth of July timing also overlooked the fact that July 4, 2020 was the least patriotic national celebration in years. President Obama spent the day at his daughter’s birthday party. The rest of the nation was absorbed in the details of Michael Jackson’s funeral.

Celebrations of national pride were out of fashion.

Sarah’s reasons

The real reasons for Sarah Palin’s decision to leave office were not disclosed. However, consider the following:

How many honest, decent Americans do you know that have served in high political office for more than one term? If you know any, please put their names in the comments below, so they may be praised and honored.
Most reasonable people, with high standards of personal ethics, will not run for elected office in the United States. The governing consideration is, “If you don’t love the stench, stay out of the sewer.”

Sarah Palin got into politics to help solve problems in the tiny town of Wasilla, Alaska. She did such a good job that she defied all conventional wisdom and became the first woman and youngest governor of Alaska. She had an 80% approval rating in her state by the time John McCain picked here as his running mate in the 2008 Presidential election.

As long as she stayed in Alaska, she could be happy and do good things.

However, on descending to the “lower forty-eight”, she discovered that she was evil incarnate to a huge portion of the American population:

  1. She was not a lesbian and did not favor same-sex marriages. Barney Frank, Henry Waxman and the other fifty or so members of the Gay and Lesbian Congressional Caucus had reason to hate her.
  2. She did not believe on killing children at birth, when convenient to the mother. Worse still, her daughter, pregnant out of wedlock, did not opt for an abortion — and then, evil of all evils — went about encouraging teenage abstinence. Even worse and totally unforgivable, she insisted on giving birth to a child with Down’s syndrome. No wonder the National Association of Women hated her.
  3. Professor William Ayers

  4. She was a beauty queen, with a large attractive family. She didn’t look at all like the “average American”, who now are generally obese people with multiple tattoos or nose jewelry. Look at the audiences on Dave Letterman’s daily diatribe or the Jerry Springer freak show, or the fans of Oprah Winfrey, or the crowds at Michael Jackson’s funeral — this is what real Americans are supposed to look like. It’s positively unpatriotic to look like Sarah Palin. No wonder so many hate her.
  5. She supported her son going to war in Iraq to defend the country. Unlike Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, who declared the War in Iraq lost in mid-course, ready to leave the troops to their fate by a hasty retreat, she was a true patriot — not a popular stand with Barrack Obama and his associates from Chicago politics, like “Professor” William Ayers (famous for treading on the American flag and as a home-grown terrorist), or “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, known for his memorable words, “God Damn America!”

The rational thing to do

Any good mother who loved her family would not expose them to the vile, continuous barrage of invective, invented stories, lies, calumny, and hate-mongering that fell upon the Palin clan.

The Palin family

When David Letterman falsely stated that her young daughter, barely in high school, was having sex with a depraved football player at half-time — a total fabrication, funny only to Obama supporters and Palin-haters (a large portion of the population) — without being fired from his job — it was clear that Sarah Palin would only face much, much worse if she dared to continue to try to do good in politics.

Sarah Palin is a smart woman and has come to realize the depth of the hatred millions of American have for her and her family. It came as a surprise. She was isolated from the “real America” being up there in Alaska.

This is no longer Norman Rockwell country — it is more like a freak show.

And, only the scum of the earth stay in politics for long.

So Sarah Palin did the only thing she could to protect her family. She gave America the finger.

Unfortunately for her, the liberal media are not yet finished. They will not be satisfied with her out of office. She and her family must be destroyed for all they represent.

And Palin-haters have the money, press coverage, and psychotic mind-set to do it.

What does this have to do with the flow of funds?

Well, leadership of a nation is an essential element in economic policy. The stronger that Obama and his supporters get, the more likely his economic policies will endure.

The exit of an honest leader from the scene suggests continued hard times and bad economic policy.


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